The reference article, Mary Magalene (ca. first century CE), was written by Susan de Gaia, and was published in Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions: Faith and Culture Across History, edited by Susan de-Gaia (ABC-CLIO 2019): Vol. 1, pp. 216-221.

It discusses views on Mary Magdalene in the eastern and western Christian churches, her sainthood, and the long-held but erroneous belief within western Christendom that she was a reformed prostitute and how that view was proven wrong and removed from Catholic doctrine.

The article also includes an overview of what are known to be historical truths about Mary Magdalene from original sources in and beyond the Bible, and a brief history of Mary Magdalene in popular culture, art, and folk religion.

Mary Magdalene continues to be a source of inspiration and sacred history for many professed Christians and others.